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Cinema, Movie Theaters and Video On Demand

The only way possible for cinema to fight this crisis is to start again with its rituality. The weekly routine, the arrival of new releases. Start again with launching movies, giving the audience an appointment for the release of the new highly anticipated pics. The theaters must open, safely, as soon as possible, accepting to release movies that are available simultaneously on VOD, to give the audience the possibility to choose among all the legal options available, they also have to guarantee the distributors that no matter what the situation of the movie theaters will be, when the planned date will come, there will be the maximum potential for the return on the investment.  Then everyone will have to do their very best for the future, producing great movies and promoting the magic and uniqueness of cinema and the art of telling great stories, in comparison to the contained background noise that only distracts us from the timeline of our lives. 

Lucca Movie 2012: Lucky Red #luccamovie

The Lucca Comics & Games 2012 finally took off and with it came the Lucca Movie section, which presents some of the most awaited movies of the season. Among the distribution companies that will take their films to the festival, there's also Lucky Red, with From Up on Poppy Hill

Lucca Movie 2012: Warner and Sony #luccamovie

Yesterday we presented the schedule of Lucca Movie Comics & Games 2012: this is the second year in which the Tuscan festival (to be held from the first to the fourth of November) dedicates an area to cinema, not only with films related to the the world of comics and