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Ted climbs box-office as well as social charts.

Acording to boxoffice’s figures we reporded yesterday, the filthy talking teddy-bear Ted, created by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane, is repeating in Italy the same performance that made it become one of this year’s movie marketing cases worldwide. The movie debuted in Italian theaters first on Wendsday October 4th, returning first in grosses in these last days, improving its debut performance of the 20%. On the last “stretched” four days weekend, Ted earned  2,96 million euros, against the 2,5 of previous week, grossing 6,5 million euros in Italy alone. However this is not simply a case of good theaters performance: Ted is also one of the movies mainly exploited online buzz and, even mostly, social networks, where it came out with a daring and aggressive strategy, as much in Italy as in United States.

Soon before the movie debut, we compared United States Twitter and Tumblr campaign with the Italian Facebook campaign (here’s the break). It turned out an extremely well aimed exploitation of the different social platforms, with the purpose of developing not only users’ knowledge of the movie, but a real engagement with Ted and its main valuable features, like it’s disrespectful, scoffing amd politically incorrect behavior or its explicit talking, and sexual and drug abusing attitudes.

This approach surely won both in United States and internationally: the movie grossed more than 218 million dollars home, which grown to 469 million thanks to global box-office. Ted has become thou one of the most successful R-Rated comedies of all times, second only to The Hangover Part. 2, and first among movies not connected to a franchise. Italian box-office seems to follow the same tendencies, as Massimo Proietti, Marketing Manager at Universal Pictures Italy, the movie Italian distributor, confirms:


“Ted obtained great box-office performances in every country it came out, beginning from USA and then following European territories like Spain and Germany. The movie’s trait is an excellent start, but also its ability to maximize word-of-mouth on the long run. In 2012 the effects of a positive word-of-mouth (and of course the effects of a negative one) were mainly produced from social networks, Facebook above others. Our strategy thou was to establish a really active fan-base before the debut (Ted-Il Film page had 75.000 “likes” the first day the movie came to theaters) and exploit this fan-base to begin a viral word-of-mouth we’re capitalizing the following weeks. This is what’s happening, and it is neither surprising, nor unexpected, but carefully planned. Today we have around 140.000 “likes” on Ted-Il Film“.


This process emerges also from our elaboration from the figures of Italian Facebook pages of theatrical upcoming or just released movies:

In the charts that reports the number of fans, Ted occupies a great position: it is in the top-10 side to side with other huge cine-comics which marked this season, and movies advertised from international pages. Nevertheless even more interesting is the chart showing the number of  Facebook users speaking about the movie:

Here Ted places itself even in second position, showing that, aside from the number of fans, the movie has obtained attention from the social network users, starting at its debut with a positive trend that doesn’t look to slow down. Confronting it at the moment of its debut in theaters, the movie overtook Magic Mike, his direct competitor even in United States, where the two movie debuted the same day, taking its place in Italian box-office.

Home video: il ciclone Avengers sbaraglia tutti

La classifica della settimana 35 stilata da Univideo registra importanti cambiamenti per i titoli più venduti (a valore) nel periodo compreso dal 27 Agosto al 2 Settembre, in cui sicuramente la parte dei leoni la fanno le nuove uscite. Spicca infatti Chronicle, che si inserisce in posizioni ammirabili in tutte e tre le classifiche per formato (la posizione peggiore, la settima, riguarda i formati aggregati), ma è Disney con Avengers, il cinecomic che ha spopolato in sala, ad attestarsi come instant best seller piazzandosi primo in tutte le classifiche per formato ed inseguito solo dall’ultimo film di Martin Scorsese, secondo dopo di lui in tutti i formati.

Ecco, di seguito, il dettaglio delle classifiche:

Supporti aggregati

  • 1 The Avengers (Walt Disney)
  • 2 Hugo Cabret (01 Distribution)
  • 3 Benvenuti al Nord (Medusa H.E.)
  • 4 Act of Valor (M2 Pictures/Eagle Pictures)
  • 5 Harry Potter collezione completa (Warner Ent. )
  • 6 La carica dei 101 (Walt Disney)
  • 7 Chronicle (20th Century Fox H.E.)
  • 8 La furia dei titani (Warner Ent.)
  • 9 Il cavaliere oscuro (Warner Ent.)
  • 10 Sherlock Holmes – Gioco di ombre (Warner Ent.)
  • 1 The Avengers (Walt Disney)
  • 2 Hugo Cabret (01 Distribution)
  • 3 Benvenuti al Nord (Medusa H.E.)
  • 4 La carica dei 101 (Walt Disney)
  • 5 Act of Valor (M2 Pictures/Eagle Pictures)
  • 6 Chronicle (20th Century Fox H.E.)
  • 7 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Parte 1 (Eagle Pictures)
  • 8 Harry Potter collezione completa (Warner Ent. )
  • 9 Com’è bello far l’amore (Medusa H.E.)
  • 10 Il gatto con gli stivali (Universal P.)
  • 1 The Avengers (Walt Disney)
  • 2 Hugo Cabret (01 Distribution)
  • 3 Harry Potter collezione completa (Warner Ent. )
  • 4 Chronicle (20th Century Fox H.E.)
  • 5 Act of Valor (M2 Pictures/Eagle Pictures)
  • 6 The Superman Motion Picture Anthology (Warner Ent.)
  • 7 Lo squalo (Universal Pictures)
  • 8 La furia dei titani (Warner Ent.)
  • 9 Star Wars – La Saga completa (20th Century Fox H.E.)
  • 10 Il Signore degli anelli – Trilogia Extended Edition (Medusa H.E.)